For me, there is a connection from the inner most workings of my heart, deep into and through my soul, that is basically cellular when it comes to my horses. For my new followers – hello, welcome! And thanks for the follow. I am many things: a wedding planner, a restauranteur, a spinner of plates, a bringer of calm, a social media addict, a new wife, daughter, third generation entrepreneur, a doer, a dreamer, type A control freak and also – in my spare time, an amateur equestrian. My horses are the grand loves of my life (husband is aware, so don’t worry). You know that reason your feet hit the floor every morning? The thing that drives you beyond exhaustion, + sometimes beyond what you thought you were capable of to voraciously pursue a goal? For me, it is them. The competitive goals with my horses force me to adhere to a rigorous work ethic. They push me out of my complacency and every comfort zone. They test my patience, my resilience and my dedication. Every day. And to be clear – These goals are not small ones. I dream big and I won’t apologize for it. It is a large factor in what makes me a great planner, an insightful business owner and a passionate woman. I do not care about being better than my fellow competitors. I care only about being the best version of me. And the best version of us. I will be honest (since I am pouring my heart out anyway), it is rarely easy. Actually most days I question my goals and myself. At least twice. Sometimes 10 times. I have moments where I lose momentum. Sometimes because of life, other times because I allow too many things to distract me. But my dogged tenacity deep within my own self will not let me hang it up, give it up, or let it go. I am not wired that way. But, I am human. And sometimes, shit is just hard. Be it a problem of the first world variety or other, we all have them, and we are all faced with processing them. The thing is, humanity is actually precious. Tenacity too. So – my friends, old and new – cheers to dreams. And to goals. And to what gets us out of bed, fuels our drive, feeds our souls, and makes our dreams so worth chasing. ❤️

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