Do you have a routine or ritual that is a key component of your day? I travel a fair amount. In fact , as I write this I am in Lexington, Kentucky. A week from today I will be in Boston for a client’s wedding. Between the horses and my work, the road is actually my long time friend. But I find that ritual is as important to take along as my eye masks (hello 40 and puffy, LOL), so that I can keep some continuity in my life. In order to accomplish that, I pack several of my favorite kinds of tea. The ziplock bag does not take up much room, and finding hot water is a pretty easy thing to do. I use my own tea on flights, at hotels, from NY bridal fashion week to Spain last year. I even carry a few in my mini emergency pouch that lives in my purse. Every morning, I start my day with it. And every evening I enjoy a lavender detox tea that helps me relax. This is just one little thing that I do for myself. Every morning, making the tea takes only minutes. But, those few moments are also a great excuse to sit, breathe in the intentions for the day, exhale…and then go. Do you have a favorite routine that take on the road? How about a favorite tea? I am always looking for suggestions so let me know in the comments!! 💕

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