Every so often, I like to stop and take in my life. For me, that also means capturing life as it looks and feels like right at that moment. This has been an extraordinary year for me. I took a leap of faith with my best friend and supported her as she launched her own business in the equestrian world, I was married in January, competing with my horses in Wellington three days later, rebranded my wedding planning company, took on more of a leadership role within my family’s hospitality group, and prepared myself to turn 40 (now just a few months away). In between those huge things, I have produced some beautiful weddings including one in Boston. I accomplished some big goals with my horses, and simultaneously battled some health issues related to my living with PCOS for over ten years now.

My life moves at 1 million miles an hour, every moment of every day. But on this day, I had my beloved horses, my wonderful husband, and some truly talented friends to make me feel radiant. And I topped that off with a photographer who is a friend, fellow horse lover and just wonderful soul who was there to capture it all. I am really excited to share a few moments from this shoot over the next few days. For me, these photos capture me, in my life – in this moment; living imperfectly but with intention, pursuing excellence while loving myself, accepting that while I cannot do all things all the time, those things that I choose to commit myself to I do so with immense passion, humor and a voracious dedication to being my best

Hair: Hair By Juan Jose  // Makeup: Makeup By Aga // Photo: Aullmyn Photography

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