November 9 seems to be the day now recognized as world adoption day. As a person whose entire life is shaped by adoption, it is a no brainer that I would recognize this day. I am adopted. And I am proud of that. I am proud that the people who I know and love as “mom” and “dad” are two human beings who in 1979, coming from traditional families were courageous enough to consider what was then a “non traditional” way to have a family. I am proud to come from two people, my biological parents, that were courageous enough to know the child they made needed more than they could give.

Many people struggle with adoption, for valid reasons we should all have compassion for. I instead see things a bit differently. There is no wrong or right way to see it. Just many ways. Here is mine:

I wake up every day, regardless of what that day will hold and I know that there were two human beings who loved me so much they could let me go. I also wake up every day knowing there were two other human beings who loved me so much, and waited for me so long, that they built their lives based on the all encompassing desire to give me everything in life. To give me a life.

I am blessed. And lucky. And it has nothing to do with the incredible opportunities I have been given or the wonderful financial comforts I am so grateful for. Instead, I am blessed because of how incredibly loved I am, and have been my entire life. It is a constant, unconditional, strong, courageous love that has celebrated me at my best and supported me through my worst. It is a love that is ever present, and never disingenuous. A love that gave me the opportunity to find myself, and not get lost in the process. One that I carry with me everyday throughout all of my journeys, but that also waits patiently for me at home.

My parents are actually not extraordinary. They are normal. They are imperfect. Flawed even. Because they are human, and all humans are all these things. I am these things, just like you are too. But their capacity to love, and for love transcends time, and biology.

They are the most precious gift I have ever been given. And that is all because adoption exists. And because they were courageous enough to pursue an avenue that was much less traveled 40 years ago.

My heart is with all of those people who make the incredibly difficult and selfless decision to consider adoption on all sides. My respect and compassion goes to all of those, who like me are adopted but perhaps don’t feel like I do about it, and also to those who do. I have never known any living being who shares my DNA, or has my eyes. But I know two people who have given so much to nuture their child that our connection, similarities and bond is second nature.

My gratitude is unending, because I would not be here, sitting with my incredible husband, surrounded by friends who love me beyond words and parents who are just awesome – if not for adoption.

In this ever changing, complicated, sometimes tough world, the thoughts expressed in this post are my daily affirmations that are a part of the fabric of my everyday life. There is no language that could properly express my gratitude. Instead, I see every day as a chance to show through my actions that my life is so appreciated.

And all I can say is thank you. To those biological parents, and unendingly to my mom and my dad who are my champions, my protectors, my cheering squad, my reality check and the very foundation of me. You are why I am here. That is so simple in its truth, and yet so profound.

Thanks for reading this post, and for allowing me to share my little story out into the world. And Mom and Dad – happy world adoption day to you. And thank you. For everything. ❤️

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