Can I confess something? Truth be told, thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday because I really don’t like the food. I feel liberated saying that! (LOL). However, what has always been lovely about this day is that most people throughout the world who celebrate it, take a moment to be grateful for all that they have in their lives. In keeping with that, I am more than happy to share with you that this year, I am grateful for healthy loved ones (human, canine and equine alike!). I am grateful for parents that love me, a husband who tries to understand me and friends that fill my soul with inspiration and joy. I am grateful for my horses who know me in a way that nobody else does, and for my dogs who make me feel like a million bucks when they greet me at the door. I am grateful for clients who choose my team to bring their weddings to life + who give us their trust. I am grateful for my 20’s, because although I had much to learn then, I was smart enough to live in this amazing city and pay attention during class so I can visit now and be my own tour guide, knowing everything that I love about this place by heart. I am grateful for grandparents who were courageous enough to be entrepreneurs some 78 years ago and open a restaurant that has now grown to two, and includes a venue and that I get to be a part of every day. And now I get to honor my grandmother by opening something new in 2019, dedicated to her and all that I love about Tuscany. I am grateful for a brother and sister in law, and that little one on the way! I could keep going and fill endless posts with all that fills my heart. Instead, I will say to you Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t eat too much of that turkey and stuffing (😷), and know that I am grateful for YOU, too, friend. Sending much love to each of you today.

Last, I am grateful to all those who brought this beautiful table to life last Saturday. Because it was truly a dream come true celebrating my parent’s 50th anniversary in a Renaissance palazzo with such incredible floral, food, wine and people.

How about you? What are you grateful for?



Photo: Facibeni Fotografia // Floral: Federico Di Prima, Lilla Bespoke Florals // Rentals: Event Set // Location: Palazzo Capponi // Menu Creation: Peter Brunel, Lungarno Collection Hotels Retreats Villas // Printed Menu: Smitten Boutique // Custom Napkins: BBJ Linen

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