There is not much that is better than time with my dad in Italy. We have had so many adventures and shared a lot of laughter here throughout my life, but especially on Italy trips. I am really, truly happy to be here with him. As many of you may already know, about 6 or so years ago he had a very serious (and still unknown) infection in his lungs that caused a coma for nine days. To come back from that took some serious chops and I don’t know anyone that has more than this guy. But to be here, enjoying all of these things together again while celebrating his 75th birthday this year is truly a gift and a treasure. I am my father’s daughter, and will always be a daddy’s girl. Spending time with my dad is usually filled with laughter, a few cocktails, and a lesson for me to learn. I am constantly learning from him and I love that. On this day, he and I were enjoying a moment of downtime next to the Mercato del Porcellino. The great thing about this photo is that my Dad and I have been taking this exact break while on foot in Firenze since my first time here at 5 years old.

As the birthplace of the Renaissance and a focal point of medieval history, the trinkets and treasures that can be found in the vintage markets of Florence are an adventure all of their own, and my mother loves to walk through all of them, many times over.

Known for its leather goods, scarves, and central location, Mercato Nuovo is a newer version of the original leather market in San Lorenzo. Nestled under beautiful medieval style arches, you can also find the bronze statue of a wild boar (Il Porcellino), which is why the market is locally known as Mercato Porcellino. Rubbing its nose while dropping a coin from its mouth as you make a wish is said to bring good luck. Which is exactly what my dad captured me doing in the second photo of this post 🙂 

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