Did you know that St. Peter’s is the largest and wealthiest church in the world, and it was built with bronze taken from the pantheon and marble from the Roman forum and the Colosseo? And, that St. Peter was crucified on this very ground (under the bronze altar piece inside), which was actually outside of the city limits at the time (he was not a citizen and thus could not be executed within the city walls). So much history celebrated and revisited on this trip. The Vatican has so much to see, but do you ever wonder about all of the secrets and things not for the public? Or if the walls could talk what they might say?! From memories of Michelangelo at 23 with the Pieta to an older, more bitter version for the last judgement in the Sistine chapel, I would give anything to hear some of those stories!! In the meantime I am more than happy to celebrate all the history that we could access. 😍

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