This winter in Chicago has been bitter cold at times and incredibly harsh more than usual and those without warm homes have really been on my mind. For me personally, the suffering or discomfort of a fellow living being is something I cannot tolerate, so I try to do what I can whenever I can to help those who need it. A small thing my husband and I did this winter, thanks to our friend Aga Rhodes (a constant inspiration and incredibly talented makeup artist!), was create emergency bags that we can keep in our cars to give to those people that we see who are in need. We go to Target and by things like hats, gloves, hand warmers, face wipes, feminine products, protein bars and things like that and we put them in ziploc bags (even the bag is a part of the give), and by keeping them in the car we can pass them out whenever we see someone who needs these things. It is a small gesture, and not one that eradicates homelessness by any means, but it does alleviate some discomfort for some of my fellow human beings and that is a good thing. I highly suggest that you consider doing this, you will not regret how you feel when you see that such a small gesture can mean the world to someone in need. The one thing we can all do, regardless of where we are in our lives is seek to put more kindness in to the world. This is one small way to do just that. ❤️

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