So for most of my life, this was a day that I did not know to recognize because of my American citizenship, but instead because of my Italian heritage and the time that I have spent living in Florence. In Italy, this day is called “la festa della donna” or the fest of the woman (I love that!). Even better, the importance of women is celebrated on this day by the giving and receiving of mimosa blossoms. This tradition has unknown origins, but is believed to have been startedd somewhere in the 1940’s in Rome, with men giving this beautifully fragrant flower to their moms, sisters and daughters as a symbol of their love and appreciation. The really cool thing is that now, this tradition has evolved and women gift them to other women as a sign of solidarity. The day itself was officially recognized on March 8 in 1945 when the Union of Italian Women voted to have a fixed date.

I love seeing this day recognized everywhere now, giving women the world over the chance to stand with each other, lift each other and support one another.

Today, we are celebrating women everywhere. Let’s try this –  Let us never allow our size, shape, color, orientation, religion, race or creed to be how we define each other. Instead let’s define each other by our intellect, intentions, solidarity, love, humor, tenacity and strength. I challenged myself today to accomplish one gesture towards a fellow female that lifts her. I challenge myself beyond that to live everyday as it is it #internationalwomensday – join me? When a woman feels empowered, her entire world does. And that is when the magic happens, and change comes about. 

So, what do you say? What can you do to spread support and kindness to your fellow female?

Below are a few of the really amazing women that I am fortunate enough to have in my life. From childhood to college to work to the horses and everything in between, these are the women that I adore.

one of my bestests friends and favorite people, Sara. She lives in Italy and I never see her enough but I adore her, our friendship is totally timeless and that is so special


My friend of more than 20 years, Serena and her beautiful family ♥️

the women in my life who came to celebrate my wedding. This is my bridal brunch, and these women come from my family, college, equestrian, and wedding industry life. They are all so special

Mar. The best mom, enough said. Is she not just the best?

Caitlyn Shiels will be a face you come to recognize easily here on this site as she trains my horses, is my dear friend and basically my sister. Becky and Meagan are also fellow equestrians and a big part of the sisterhood that I revel in being a part of within the equestrian world.

Because Caitlyn. LOL

 the incredible women who stood with me on my wedding day

my brides that inspire me, teach me and love me – and the feeling is so so mutual! This bride in this photo is especially dear to me 💜

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