I thought about posting some easter themed something today, but knowing that in addition to Easter – it is also the birthday of Rome, I couldn’t help myself. Founded on April 21, 753, b.c. – this eternal city continues to evolve through civilizations, empires, centuries, and does so with an unapologetic zest for life, lust for beauty, and dedication to showcasing all that has left its mark within the city’s history. To stand as I did in this photo, and look out at a place that existed before so many things, and still stands. It is a breath taking moment. So, I chose to post about Rome today and leave the pastel tulips and bunnies for everybody else. Given that Rome was born before Easter existed, I felt it only fair. Happy Birthday Roma, you gorgeous, flawed, mysterious and mind blowingly incredible place. May you have more birthdays ahead of you than behind you. ❤️🥂Auguri!  😘photo: Collin Pierson

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