That face though.

Sept 21, seven years ago Felix came home. Originally, he found me via a FB post about him, with a photo of the most frightened little puppy, and 5 months old, at the shelter he had been brought to after being found on the side of a road. Within that sadness is also immense gratitude, because as I mentioned already, somehow he was able to find his way to me via social media and I just couldn’t leave him to be euthanized (it was scheduled for the day after I first saw the post). Because neither of us know your actual birthday, but we knew your approximate age, we picked today as your official birthday and gotcha-versary.

You are the most loving pal, ever. Protective, silly and occasionally a nutball, you are rarely boring! You provide me immense comfort and I am so happy to have rescued you so you could make life brighter and more fun and full of love. ❤️ Thank you Starfish Animal Rescue for all that you do to save animals.

Happy Birthday, Felix! 7 is a good number. Love you buddy!!

Thanks James Kittendorf of Double Dog Photography for the cell phone capture yesterday!!

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