So,  as many of you may already know, I am a wedding planner by trade (it is really more of a calling if you ask me though!), and I was recently featured on Destination I do to talk about all the reasons why hiring a planner is so important during a destination wedding. I think what I have learned from my many travels, both personal and for clients is that having one place where all of the details live and breathe is so important. A planner does this more effectively than ever in a destination scenario. My team speaks multiple languages and we have worked throughout the United States and abroad. We understand things like cultural sensitivities, time differences, local resources and we use that knowledge to help our clients create something truly special. Four of my tops reasons for working with a planner are below, and thanks Destination I do for the feature!

I love working with fellow creatives, and my dear friend Kesh Events designs all over the world! Photo: Collin Pierson

  1. Vendor Selection & Sourcing

    We will take the stress of sourcing your entire vendor team off your plate! From venue selection to photographers, floral design and hair & makeup, we find reputable professionals in your destination location and act as your liaison. We’ll book them, communicate design needs, finalize contracts and coordinate arrival times when the big day comes.

    Aga is on elf the best! Both in Chicago and beyond ♥️ Photo: Collin Pierson

  2. Timelines

    With hundreds of successfully executed weddings and events under our belts, we are experts at keeping everything from planning milestones to vendor payments on track. Whether you choose to enjoy a long engagement or a quick trip down the aisle, we know how quickly vendors should be chosen, at what point final guest counts need to be communicated to the caterer and when final payments need to be made. Save yourself the stress of missing deadlines, let us take the lead here for you! I also love making sure we schedule in a time for the bride and groom to spend alone in their reception space before guests enter so they can see all of hither hard work come to life! There is nothing better than this smile on a bride’s face!

    is this not the BEST reaction?! Photo: Collin Pierson

  3. Travel Plans

    Planners may not be travel agents, but you can bet we can refer you to a great one! We often team up with fabulous agents who can offer our couples great deals on flights, hotel accommodations and can even help plan special excursions for your honeymoon and room blocks for your guests.

    Knowing good vendors throughout the world is so vital to building a great time for a destination wedding. Canteiro Weddings is one of my favorites! Photo: Collin Pierson

  4. Event Management

    Chances are your venue can offer you a day-of wedding coordinator, but you’ll want someone handling business for you that you trust, who you are familiar with, who knows the ins and outs of your vendors, your desired design and your wishes for how the day should unfold. Timing for the entire day is something that planners are responsible for, versus say just the timing in a reception, and this is important to note regarding venue planners versus an actual wedding planner. We look at your wedding in a 360 degree, from start to finish way, mindful of everything happening. This is especially important within a destination wedding that moves guests through various experiences over the course of several days!

We built this wedding from the ground up at a lookout point in a public park in Winthrop, Massachusetts! From power to lighting to the tent to the lobster bake and everything in between, a solid vendor team led by us was paramount to bringing it all together! Photo: Collin Pierson

When my couples can live in moments like this, I am one happy planner. Captured seaside during a rehearsal by Collin Pierson

So just remember, my bags are always packed, and in the coming weeks I am even going to show you what is in them! in the meantime, click the link to read the full feature here

Happy travels! 🧳 ♥️

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