Remembering many things today as a country, and paying my respects of course. But on a much smaller note, I am also remembering my grandmother, Ida, who passed away on this date about 15 years ago. Her style, wit and humor are things I will always remember about her. She was fiercely loyal, and loved unconditionally. She had all of these favorite little places in Italy to shop for things like table linens and it was one of the things that made her the quintessential hostess when she set a table in her home.

These are my grandparents, Gene & Ida Michelotti. I love this engagement photo of theirs

One of my favorite memories of her is that she had these beautiful house robes she would wear, and she had little cozies for her tea pots that matched them. I always found that to be so stylish and ladylike. And ladylike is a term no one wants to use anymore, but it described her to a T; strong, feminine, the backbone of her family, graceful, and always dressed impeccably.

This was my senior prom, and I love this polaroid of my grandmother and I ❤️

She was never afraid to speak her mind to me, but always believed in manners at all times – especially when delivering honesty. She was my mom’s best friend in the finals years she was with us, as my mother was with her every single day. So, I know today is about remembering much bigger things, to which I will pay my respects and say prayers for. But I did need to carve out a small moment to remember this woman, who was the matriarch of my family and a force in my life.

I miss all of these people so much, but how lucky was I to know so much of this generation

I miss you, Ida ❤️. But don’t worry – I remember you every day when I quote your funny Italian “isms,” whenever I speak to Gabbie (I will forever remember how much you loved those three cuties), when I look at my mom and see her grace that she gets from you – and of course, when I walk through the doors of G & G.

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