Today is a day full of grief, loss, sacrifice, and pain for our country. It is a day we should never forget. I am choosing to remember those who lost their lives in such terrible ways, and those who are still grieving by taking moments throughout my day to give thanks. Living in this country allowed my grandfather to achieve the actual, literal American dream. Growing up as an American I have had rights, access to education – among many other things and my freedoms have always been protected and celebrated. I chose this photo, because it reminds me of the many privileges I have in my life, and it reminds me of all we have accomplished as a family pursuing our American dream. September 11th will never be a day without pain, and that is ok. Some days are painful in life. But when we learn from that, and we try to do more with what we now know – THAT is when we pay homage and respect to those who suffered the ultimate price that day, and who continue to suffer.


So today, I will try to do better by doing this: I will give thanks for being American. To those first responders who ran in to those buildings. I will remember more than usual to be mindful of my words, and never to speak with hate. I will extend my hand in peace. And hope to inspire others to do the same. I won’t participate in dialogues that use stereotypical words to describe people. Instead I will continue to honor all the elements of being an American that have been worth fighting for since our country was born. Liberty, the right to pursue a dream, freedom from religious persecution, and everything that goes with it. Life is just too short to hate. It is too short to waste. If we take nothing else away from the enormity of September 11, we should take that. And forever remember that on this day. That is how I will remember and honor today. And I will pray for those who still grieve loved ones they lost. My heart is with you. My heart is with all of us today. ❤️ photo: @facibenifotografia

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