Wednesday arrived just on time because I have a little #WCW shout out to Caitlyn Shiels that needed sharing. And it is a starkly honest one, JSYK.

Here’s why:

I have a rather full schedule these days. I know many of you see snippets on social media, but you see a highlight reel. I don’t post about the days I am exhausted, or overwhelmed. Or the days that I put my sweater on inside out because I am rushing. I don’t talk about the days that I need to be in ten places but have to choose one because – well, humans can’t be cloned yet. Those 9 places I can’t be usually always leave me feeling like a failure in some way (I know there are women out there who understand this feeling). Some days I worry so much about my wedding clients. Or I panic about something with the restaurants. Or the days that I break down in tears because I am so far from the goals I have worked so hard to reach the last several years with my horses.

And, enter Caitlyn who not only takes care of my horses on a daily basis, she also takes care of me. Sometimes in the morning I am so overwhelmed with what I need to accomplish and she is the ONLY person I can call to help me see through all of that and make a plan. And this happens sometimes before 8 am and there she is.

Always supportive, usually making me laugh and sometimes telling me exactly what I need to hear even if it isn’t what I want to hear because she is taking my best interests to heart. THAT is how a woman supports another woman. And lifts another woman.

Women who support other women are priceless, magical and wonderful creatures with their honesty and insight. I hope that all my fellow female hustlers out there have a person they can rely on, how I am so fortunate to rely on this one.

This is also a reminder to all my strong, hard-working fellow females to pay it forward and to BE that magically supportive person for somebody else. (Male or female).

Remember to help each other and support one another because it makes all the difference. Caitlyn proves this every day. ✨

And as this adorable photo clearly shows, I am not the only one in my family who loves her, depends on her and trusts her implicitly. So – Caitlyn Shiels – THANK you for being all the things that you are for me well outside of the job description of “trainer.”

I am really grateful to have you, your friendship, your riding talent, your honesty and all the things! Love you to the moon and back. ❤️

Photo: Aullmyn Photography

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