Welcome to the North Pole.  Home to Santa, Mrs. “Cookie” Claus,  Twinkle, Sprinkle and Sparkle the elves and Clara, Santa’s cousin who is in charge of the Naughty and Nice List.  And, Eleanor.  A rag doll who has lived in this magical world for years but has just one wish – for a home and best friend of her own. Eleanor’s story comes alive in a delightfully whimsical musical with lots of heart….

I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVED seeing this show. My cousin (who is like my little sister), her little girl and I planned a ladies day all around attending the 2:00 pm show. We were all fancy and fun and ready to see Eleanor & Santa! The show is 65 minutes long and here are a few things that I loved about it:

  1. They are incredibly supportive of children being children. They invite them to sit on the floor in the front row, and casually remind parents that if anyone needs a restroom break or just a break that they can easily pop in and out. I felt the collective sigh of relief from all of the parents in that room and it was great!
  2. The music is toe tapping and genuinely good. As are the costumes. The producer of the show, Denise MCGowan is a friend, and she explained to me that she went on a mission to select the fabrics used in the costumes and it shows. The entire room glistens and glows when the elves move under the perfect lighting and it feels magical!
  3. The story is beautiful, and easy to follow. Children and adults feel something, and leave with their hearts full. Eleanor, the rag doll main character is really hoping for a best friend of her own, when she realizes that amidst all of her wishing for what she didn’t have, she forgot all of the beauty of what she did. It is heartwarming, positive and love filled. In fact – there is NO VILLAIN to the story and I wholeheartedly support this. We have enough villains in real life.
  4. The theater is easy to find, clean, friendly and has delightful snacks! And the cast is absolutely wonderful. Eleanor has a beautiful voice, and I truly enjoyed every moment that I was there.

Denise – congratulations! Friends, family and followers with kids – GO SEE this show! It runs through the 29th, and I am in love with Eleanor and her sweet story ❤️ (and, by supporting local theater, you help to create room for all of the talent that will come in the next generation!! so there is also that!)

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