I am sitting here in our rental house, overlooking the barn on a beautiful, breezy early Florida morning. My horses are outside in the sunshine, the dogs are asleep on the screened in porch where I am typing, and all feels delightful in the world. I am working on some emails and proposals for 2020 and 2021 clients, and getting really excited about all that I hope to have come my way this year. And, that got me thinking about something my friend Ali Phillips does each year. I just had the most delightful 20 minute catch up call with Ali. She is one of my dearest friends, biggest mentors and basically my family in every way. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and she has this practice every year that I absolutely love!
She chooses a word that defines her year, inspires her for the year, and guides her decisions for the year. I love that she does this, because she inspires me to do the same thing! So, now let’s talk about a good word for this brand new, shiny year. Fearless? Hopeful? These are both really good ones. Determined? Brave? Also excellent choices, and guiding words for the year. I like to choose a definitive word that really goes BOOM when I hear it.

the floral for this dinner all came from Whole Foods, and the decor was on sale (clearance rack!) at Pier 1. I ordered the linen from Amazon. At home parties are my FAVORITE because I get to be relaxed and fun with my decor!

So, what is the word for me this year?
My word is standards. I am going to keep having really high ones, keep vocalizing respectfully when I feel someone isn’t meeting mine, and use this word to guide my decisions as I continue my journey through life this year.
For example, I can ask myself, “Is the response I want to have one that definitely meets my standards?” if I am faced with something that frustrates me or perhaps makes me want to answer emotionally.
My word of the year is standards. What’s yours?

Thank you @CollinPierson for the great photos of from our NYE party that we threw in our rental! This was definitely a party that met my standards 😎✨

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