I struggled today when thinking of posting on social media. I had no personal connection to the 9 lives tragically cut short in an accident yesterday. But as humans, with humanity – I am in fact connected. I am feeling sadness for the profound, senseless loss of these lives just gone too soon. And what I kept coming back to is the question of why I am so impacted. Why do so many of us feel the way we do? Because in times like these, when even those we admire, who have accomplished so much, reached so far outside of what is considered normal are bound & held by the same very ordinary reality that at any time, something can happen that changes your life – it reminds us all of our humanity. Of our mortality. Which knows nothing of privilege or race or orientation. It doesn’t care if you are young or old. Male or female. It just happens. This life that we are handed on this planet is really so short. And we are all bound by that reality. Strangely unifying? Not for me to say. I can say that today, I feel how fragile, fleeting and short our lives are. Tragedies like this remind us that loss is a universal equalizer. I am going to try to honor these 9 lives lost by making sure that I remember to reach out. To connect with my loved ones, and strangers too. I am going to remember that my life is my ultimate blessing and I will show kindness, share gratitude, and pay forward the inspiration that an incredible athlete like Kobe left behind for us. And the potential unrealized of the young girls on that flight too. The pilot. The parents on that plane. The families who are heart broken today. I will remember to not waste my time here for it may be gone in a blink. I will celebrate life, and I will push myself to find out what I am capable of. And I will send love to everybody, especially each of you ❤️

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