What do you do to power through?

With all that is going on these days, I am making an effort to find something to be grateful for every day.  I owe my ability to find the beauty, and the gratitude in every situation to my parents. My mother is known for her “looking on the bright side of life…” and her optimism is definitely contagious. Both of my parents are steadfast in their belief that regardless of what is happening around us, showing gratitude is a great way to stay centered and to stay real. Growing up, I did not really appreciate this, until I got older and learned how important this lesson actually was. Charity work has always been important to them as well, because they have always believed in paying forward their blessings. This has all been a really valuable lesson for me throughout my life but especially now during COVID-19. Our restaurant in Chicago has been making every effort to support a local restaurant every Thursday by ordering delivery for our team lunch, and we have been supporting some of our favorite charities with weekly dinners. I have also been making an effort to support local and independent businesses, which brings me to three that I would love to highlight today. 😁

My grandmother and my mom both were firm believers that a good meal and beautiful table should be a part of life now matter what, and that adding beauty to the world did not require spending a ton. I love this belief.

In these times, I am really lucky to know people like @intuitivehealingstudios who is such a wisen powerful and insightful woman. Maria teaches me how to give thanks, and recognize my blessings. She has also fostered my love for crystals and showed me how to focus my energy as well. I have been profoundly impacted by meeting Maria and having the privilege of calling her my friend. She has worked with friends of mine, she has performed cleansing rituals in my businesses, and I have even flown her to meet me when I needed a little extra help while competing with my horses. I cannot recommend her enough.

Maria is such a help to me because regardless of what physical space I am in, sometimes inside of my brain can get a little depleted energetically, and because of that I tend to wane spiritually and – she helps me to stop and refocus myself and my energy. In times like these this is especially helpful because all of our spaces, even mental ones can begin to feel a little cramped  My purpose always feels renewed, and I just fell better. Maria McCain is the founder of Intuitive Healing Studios. She is certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Numerologist, Sound Vibration, and Intuitive Therapist providing healing seeds for soul evolution. Does that not just sound like something we could all use more of these days? For more on how to schedule with Maria, click here

Maria always brings the very best kind of energy!

When I need a little  pick me up, I love to visit @sagesalt online, because so many of the little beauties that I meditate with and that help me bring a little beauty in to my space. From candles to crystals to an incredibly smokeless smudge, this website is lovingly curated, as are each of the items offered for sale. The process is easy, the prices are good and the packaging is so fun! If you need a good pick me up, I highly suggest a visit to the site to get your space in tip top shape, especially since you are spending so much time in it. The candles smell delicious, and lighting them always brings me a sense of calm, and a reminder to believe in magic. For me, that sparks both my hope and my imagination and as a creative person that is really a key component to my mental and spiritual health. From the Sage & Salt website: Born from the notion that magic and good energy should be a part of everyday life, Sage & Salt is the next big thing in self-empowerment and personal transformation. Ancient ritual meets modern sensibility in each of the luxurious, energetically charged products brought to life by a real witch. Everything is created with intention and ceremony. And I love it. To shop their site, click here

I have also found that creating in a time like this is very therapeutic. Last June I had the privilege of working a beautiful wedding for a client in New York. It was a classic NYC wedding, held at the University Club and we had some fantastic vendors as part of the creative team. It was seriously one of the most fun experiences I have ever had working a wedding, and that was in large part due to the floral and design team at Belle Fluer in NYC! @meredithbellefleur, the immense talent and force behind @bellefleurny had an idea earlier this month, and from that  the new @bellefleurdirect was born!

Yesterday, my box arrived and it was very easy to open, and condition the flowers. Meredith makes this process easy and fun, and the quality of the flowers is just beyond incredible. LOOK at those peonies! And the tulips – oh man! I don’t know about you but fresh flowers bring such restoration to my soul. “Box of Blooms” is sent overnight, via Fedex, to your doorstep from some of the finest greenhouses and farms in Holland. Every two weeks they will offer a unique selection of fresh flowers to choose from, and I could not wait to order mine! The moment I opened the box I was delighted! Those pretty peonies made the day that much more beauty filled.


The box of blooms included:

  • 30-40 stems of Queensland Coral-Fringed Tulips
  • 25 stems Top White Hyacinth
  • 20 stems Coral Sunset Peonies
  • 20 stems Captain Ventura Creme Calla Lilies

. So, how do I power through? I meditate, I give thanks. I look to the talent and insight of others to grow my knowledge base, and I continue to put beauty out in to the world. Be it by offering gratitude, or collecting some of my favorite things together for a fun photo. More to come on my blog in the next couple of days. To place your order, click here


My sweet little table, finished just in time for dinner ✨

And I could not wait to get started! I am sheltering in place in a rental property, so I don’t have all of my favorite dishes and linens down here, but even with that I still immensely enjoyed this creative process and bringing this sweet table together for a loved one’s birthday who lives here with me. I hope you enjoy the beauty too, and thank you, Meredith for helping me create something beautiful this week!

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