One year ago I was in Italy. Taking these photos with @collinpierson. Truth be told he was actually annoyed with me about our sunrise photo shoot. Lol. But me being me, I had to do it. Living in the moment, and celebrating life has always been so important to me. And I am more grateful than every for being of that mindset. Missing Florence, Lucca too – and my loved ones there. Missing so much more too. Little things. Life in general. I feel so fortunate for what I do have. And I am grateful for having lived so many moments to the fullest. And for capturing so much of it on film so that now, I can be reminded of all the things to fight for, and to get back to.

I shared a video in my stories yesterday from @playcheerleader that really resonated with me. Her message? Continue. Keep going. I loved it. And I will. Thank you for sharing that message with the world. Thank you @sonyalalla for the beautiful photos  Sending love to you all. ❤️

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