Good Morning, it’s that time again for some real talk friends.
Finding the right words to describe how I feel this week is challenging. Which says a lot coming from someone who’s stock + trade is rooted in words and communicating them.
Five years ago, we opened our second location of Gene & Georgetti and along with it, an Events Venue called the Estate.
My motivation behind the ballroom was to create a clear and defined alternative to the suburban banquet hall. Not only with service, but style, approach and of course the food. Erin McDonald and I designed a beautiful space, and then Chris Rebollo and the Estate team rose to that challenge. With a perfect 5 star rating from clients for 5 years in a row, they defined everything we celebrate as a core brand belief.
Since March, our restaurants have had to evolve with uncertain times, and our ballroom remains mostly dark. As a location dependent on the business traveler, conventions, and then events + weddings, our Rosemont location was hit particularly hard since that area, once known for all I mentioned has become almost ghost town like.
Sadly, our landlord has given us notice that we must vacate the property by November 4. We had hoped to stay open through the holidays, giving our wonderful employees an opportunity to earn more income and our loyal customers the opportunity to enjoy a last meal before we are forced to close. Instead we will be welcoming you until October 31st.
We are devastated that the Village of Rosemont was unwilling to work with us during a time when so many restaurants are struggling due to the impact of COVID-19 on our entire industry.
As a wedding planner, I am particularly devastated for all the couples who have already been through so much and will now lose their wedding venue. They will not, however lose one dime. My family and I are personally refunding each couple so at least they have the comfort of that while searching for a new venue.
These are challenging times for the restaurant industry. To say the least. Our heart breaks for everyone going throigh what we are going through. And to friends with restaurants still open in the suburbs, let me know if you have room for servers, bar backs, and very able bodied kitchen staff. We are working to place who we can either within our own brand or elsewhere.
I would like to say thank you to our supportive investors, our wonderful customers, to the couples who have given us a five-star rating for five years-in-a-row in our gorgeous ballroom.
To our vendors, who always had our back, and most heartfelt and important – thanks to our team who made this all possible. Your hard work shined especially bright in these recent months with the global COVID-19 pandemic. Sal, Chris, Sergio, Nicole, Jessica, Francine, Tony, Dino, Fernando, Ramiro, Rene, Jorge, George and every single one of you – thank you.
In early 2019 when we made the tough decision to transition our management and evolve our brand, lots of people had lots to say about it. We knew in our hearts the direction we wanted to be moving was not in line with where it was actually going. While so many have spent so much of their time discussing that – Our teams showed up and did the work. They busted their asses actually. We all did. And we evolved.
Our beloved chef Cristiano breathed new life in to our menus, and brought new passion to the Italian dishes we created and now so proudly offer. And he and our other beloved Chef Luis formed a bond and a partnership that has made us really strong. And has made me especially, bursting at the seams proud.
During the 6 months that Chicago was closed due to that damned fire, our Rosemont location sustained our brand. And it brought us all together and allowed us to look at all kinds of things – and seek synergy within our brand for the very first time. That work was not easy. Yet they all stayed at it and just kept going, learning, and striving.
What was happening at the beginning of 2020 was magical. Now, we do not get the option to continue our work there. But that makes it no less worthwhile or valuable. In fact, my time spent in our Rosemont restaurant has been invaluable to me. Collin too. All of us actually. And I’m so proud of all it was becoming.
We are heartbroken at the loss of this location, which is very much a member of our family. We would very much have liked to stay through New Year’s Eve but the decision was not ours.
We hope to see you at our Chicago location in the future, which remains open. Assuming Cook County doesn’t roll further back. Again folks – these are the realities of the times. You’ve heard me say it can happen to anyone, including us. And now that has actually happened.

Thank you.

These photos are from Christmas last year. Before masks, this virus, and any idea we would be saying goodbye so soon.

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