Hello and holiday greetings, amici miei! There are some fabulous ways to shop our Gene & Georgetti family business this holiday, and I wanted to take a quick moment to share some exciting info and helpful links with you! First, let me remind you that all of my holiday gift ideas can be found right here in a previous blog.

Ok, so here is the fun, we have so many amazing gifts available through Gene & Georgetti this year that I can barely contain myself! Gift baskets, stocking stuffers, STEAK BOXES! You name it, we have it! And it all ships nationwide!

Shop + Ship Holiday Gift Baskets!

Ok, let’s begin with Gene & Georgetti Baskets! There are 6 to choose from online, or you can contact us to create your own.It is so easy, you click, purchase and then all of the elves in Gene’s workshop get to making each basket and shipping it out.  They are wrapped so beautifully, tied with a festive bow and finished with a gift card designed by local artisan Eight 21 studios. To shop the baskets, click here. (and because we are such good friends, use the code: FAMIGLIA for 10% off baskets!)

Shop Gene & Georgetti this Holiday

Shop Grocery for Stocking stuffer holiday gift ideas!

ok, next let’s talk about our grocery which is legit one of my favorite things. All of the products featured within the grocery are local businesses either from Chicago or from Italy. We use mostly everything in our kitchen at the restaurant that we sell (the risotto, the pastas, etc) so that what you are shopping are the very ingredients to the experiences at our restaurant that people have grown to love over the last 8 decades. Thanks to Viola Imports for making sure we have the very best from some of Italy’s top artisanal vendors!!

Shop Gene & Georgetti this Holiday

We have a few really exciting recent additions too; Jeff Mauro has been a family friend for a long time, so when he launched his giardiniera as a part of his Mauro Provisions, I knew we had to get it on our shelves (and on our sandwiches!). It is really important to me that we include as many local businesses as we can in all of our efforts right now.

To that end, Tempesta Market was a company I had to figure out how to get on our shelves. Chef Agostino, who is the founder of Tempesta was one of Gene’s favorite chefs. As a child we would eat at his Agostino’s Gustofino almost every Sunday (the only day that Gene had off from the restaurant). The memories are many, and all delicious and the best part is that the server who always took care of us? Well, his son grew up and became a part of our G & G family, you know him as out General Manager, Sal! Shop the grocery here.

Shop Gene & Georgetti this Holiday

And PRO-TIP, any of these items make awesome stocking stuffers. For example, do you have a loved one who adores hot tea? We have the perfect honey to sweeten their mornings! Maybe you have a co-worker who loves spice? Our signature seasonings are a great gift idea. Know a pasta lover? Well ,then my all means grab a pack or two pf pasta! Have a sibling that is hard to buy for but loves a classic cocktail? WE have the exact olives for martini perfection.  The point is that you can shop a range of prices so you don’t break the bank and are still really creative and fun! See? Easy peasy!

Shop Gene & Georgetti this Holiday

Steaks now shipping nationwide!

And, for the grand finale, let’s talk steak boxes! Ok, so my husband, Collin Pierson spearheaded this entire website (that literally launched this morning!). All of our steaks are wet aged, prime cuts. They have been this way for years at Gene & Georgetti. Now for the first time, you can get our steaks shipped directly to your home, or send as a gift! And we ship nationwide! How about that for some great news! Quality beef that is really difficult to find at your local market (2% of all beef is prime, and of that 2%, about 99% go to restaurants I believe…so this is the good stuff right here). There are multiple options to choose from, and even corporate options too if you are looking to order in larger quantities. Shop all of the steak awesomeness right here.

Remember, all of these options don’t just make for great gifts. They also make you the best gift giver this season! And, they help an 80 year old independent business support the team and family that are working so hard to keep it alive. Want to know more about our story? Well, thanks for asking! Click here. And mille graze, amici miei. Thank you for visiting my blog! So happy to share with you how to shop Gene & Georgetti this holiday  season. We are incredibly appreciative!

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