Happy Earth day to you!
Hello friends – I have attempted to dedicate a small portion of my day to Earth Day every day for the past several years. I recycle my soda cans, turn the water off when I brush my teeth, and I requested no more paper statements for monthly bills as a small effort towards conservation. Recently I also very much pay attention to products made from recycled products as well!
Did you know:
1. Recycling just ONE soda can save enough energy to power a television for THREE hours. I am also very mindful of one use water bottles so if I have plastic bottles in the house I definitely recycle them or repurpose them. (I typically keep one on hand to water my house plants with!).
2. Turning off the water when you brush your teeth saves FIVE gallons of water. A DAY. And
3. By paying bills online and getting no statement, you can save up to TWENTY-THREE pounds of wood a YEAR? For so many reasons, conservation of our amazing planet and its magical resources are so important.
My motivation? My horses. Of course! (Pups too!) I want to see my horses in beautifully green open spaces for many, many years to come. Do this for your loved ones. And yourself. Small contributions matter! Change is not about some huge crescendo.
Change happens quietly, and with momentum, when we all make small efforts to know better, do better, and work together.
Happy Earth Day to you! 💚
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Earth Day 2021

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