No matter how long you are with me, it is never long enough… My sweet Ramon passed away during the night, peacefully. He was the horse who brought me through my very first national derby, and who gave me confidence and so much love. He was the snuggliest, and when it was time for him to retire, he was equally as loved by Elaine Raleigh who has cared for him as if he was her own these last years.

Ramon was one of those horses who could carry a rider in any ring from the jumpers to the derbies to the equitation. He was brave. And smart too. And he was stoic, dealing with a myriad of injuries that happened to him before he came to me. But because of the wonderful team of vets and caregivers, he lived a retired life full of soundness and big green fields.

I am so grateful to her for giving him a loved-filled retirement, and I am so grateful to have been able to give him that time with Elaine and his two retired brothers to be a horse.

I am also really grateful to Caitlyn Shiels for always having immense respect for my way of thinking. She always supports that these horses are my family, and our family and that caring for them in their retirement may mean we don’t always get new ones. What it brings me though is a sense of honoring my word to them. When they come into my life I make a promise that they will be safe and cared for always. And we honored every one of those promises for Ramon.

This world of horses and showing has some wonderful people and so many beautiful animals. But it doesn’t have enough (in my opinion) that understand the importance of that promise, and how truly priceless it is for these partners of ours to have a safe, comfortable life as they age. This has always been a defining factor for me with regard to my existence in this world. My word is my bond, and that extends to my horses.

Of course, none of those promises would have been kept without the support of my parents, then eventually my husband too.

Rest easy, sweet boy. I will forever miss your big snuggly head and soft whiskery nose falling asleep in my arms.

I love you. 💙

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