Friday introductions are a thing here on the ole social media platforms, and from time to time I like to re-introduce myself as the voice behind all the content that you see on here 😎

I am Michelle Durpetti, and I am a wedding planner and owner of Michelle Durpetti Events, 3rd generation restaurateur at Gene & Georgetti, and an amateur equestrian who rides at True North Stables.

I also very much believe in giving back and paying forward my blessings. This is something I learned from my parents.

I love to support worthwhile causes within every area of my life. It has been quite some time now that I’ve been searching for the right organization within the horse world. As a competitor and horse owner, it is so important to me that I support an organization that works tirelessly to help educate and create safe landings for horses.

What is a safe landing, you ask? Well here is a reality for you. Some people use horses merely as commodities, and when their purpose is served and the award is won, they are discarded.

I believe very strongly that horses deserve retirement and to live their days with respect, comfort and safety. Of course not everybody can or even knows they should consider how to retire their horses when the time comes. Which is why it is so important to educate people within the horse world and beyond it. Horses are not commodities. They are living creatures who allow equestrians to live and work and compete in a world in which we fly. Reach incredible goals, and all on the backs of the incredible animals.

Now, think about this 👇🏼

All horses, even champions of the racetrack and the show ring, are only one unlucky sale away from abuse, neglect and slaughter. 👈🏼 that really just twists my stomach. So, I wanted to find an organization that works to change that.

EQUUS Foundation is working every day to do exactly that.

The EQUUS Foundation is the only national animal welfare charity in the United States 100% dedicated to safeguarding the comfort and dignity of America’s horses throughout their lives and sharing their magical and power with as many people as possible.

Their mission is to protect America’s horses and strengthen the bond between horses and people.

And I am so proud to officially be one of their amateur athletes, and a #horseprotector 💙.
Equus Foundation Amateur Athletes are equestrians who demonstrate that success is measured not only by winning but by making the quality of life of their equine partners paramount.

Click here to learn more.

Photo: Fine Art Horses

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