8 years ago. Harrisburg. (Horse people’s version of Nationals). Kenya (Porkchop), the horse who is super cute and a real bastard (🤣). Thought I’d never make it back. My spine was sprained. My confidence shattered. And my determination questionable.

And then, it wasn’t. Then Caitlyn found Mo. and Mo became my very best friend and partner.

And then we went to work. Hard. 25 weeks a year competing. And a LOT of practice.

Then, we qualified, again -> twice. And finished with top 6 placings in pretty much every class. But -> as it is prone to do, life just happened all over the place the last two years. Just like that, my riding sort of went to the wayside. And my life flipped upside down. And I needed to save my family’s business, keep my wedding planning business afloat, make sure my horses and their team were ok, keep my parents safe and protect all of our employees at Gene & Georgetti.

And that was before morning coffee. Global Pandemic – you have not been boring. 👈🏼

At the time, I thought this fall at this horse show was THE worst thing ever. Lol. I was devastated and had real anxiety after it. Little did I know what was coming. But thankfully that anxiety taught me how to manage anxiety. Channel my determination, and push through fear. I’d need that knowledge soon enough.

Little did I know that I would fight like hell to keep my horses, and qualifying for Harrisburg would feel like the distant memory that it was. But, here we are. Moving forward. Horses still here. Businesses too, thank god. And so are my people, for the most part.

Now when I see this memory, I am thankful riding has always taught me to get back up and get back on. No matter what. That has been so valuable recently. And I remember that what feels TERRIBLE at the time passes and instead becomes a lesson and a motivating force in my life.

So, of course, not this year, but I will see you next year, Harrisburg. ✨

And Washington too. Hopefully with my Mo and my Cass and don’t worry about Kenya, he lives a beautiful life retired on the farm of a friend (I take care of my horse babies for life, even through all of this). 🙏🏻

Mercury Retrograde finalllyyyyy ends tonight. So, who else is ready for all the good things to start coming their way? I have a good feeling for us, friends. So let’s get ready to receive it all!

Happy Sunday. 💙💙

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