Must-visit locations in Florence

My list of favorite places in Florence is a long one! And while I love spending time seeing all of my favorite sites in Tuscany, it is truly the people that make our experiences so incredibly wonderful.

This is my special shout-out to some of the amazing people behind some of our favorite places in Florence! There are so many wonderful people who make our time here so full of all that you see!! This is a small thank you to just a few ✨✨😍😍

Be sure to check them out on Instagram and give them a follow, and of course, visit them when you’re in town!!

Favorite Places In Florence: A Short (but vital!) List

📍Leonardo Firenze
Best dang biscotti and baked goods!
Instagram: @leonardofirenze_

📍Tenuta Sette Ponti
Some of my favorite Italian wines!
Instagram: @tenutasetteponti

📍Antico Noè
Some pretty awesome sammies (panini).
Instagram: @anticonoe.firenze

📍Ristorante Mamma Gina
Been eating here since I was 5!
Instagram: @mammaginafirenze

📍La Giostra
Incredible food and service! Ask for Manuele he is a top-notch server and our friend!
Instagram: @lagiostrafirenze

📍Acute Flowers & Garden
Wonderfully talented floral designer. Find her at @la_menagere!
Instagram: @acute_visual_

📍Sonny Casimirri of Casimirri Prodotti Tipici della Toscana
THE BEST cold cuts and cheeses!
Instagram: @sonnycasimirri

📍Goccia Shoes Firenze
Artisan shoes, amazing store and online shopping available! 🤩🤩🤩
Instagram: @gocciashoesfirenze

Grazie a voi che avete contribuito tempo, talento, cuore e amicizia al nostro tempo qui a Firenze e alla vita on generale! ❤️❤️❤️

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