2021 had some ups and downs (beginning this Monday morning post with a massive understatement 🤣) including a few equine injuries and a few human ones too. All of which took much time to heal, and ultimately took me completely out of the saddle for more than three months. Not an easy thing to return to, let me tell you.

Factor in not being able to show since June of last year, and the gift of last weekend was that these two sweet babes and I found our way back to the amateur ring.

We have some work to do still, but the pursuit is progress, never perfection. And to be honest, I enjoy the work now almost more than the showing. The most important thing is that I always enjoy my handsome horses and the gift of time with them.

Thanks Mo + Cass and always major ups to True North Stables 💙

Photos: Kate At The In Gate

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