Andiamo, you will be in my heart forever and ever. Growing up on Lake Michigan was magical. There is no life more awesome than Lake life. Endless memories of Lake Michigan as my swimming pool. Early mornings out on the lake with my dad. Spending time in the engine room and learning how to maintain the boat. So many incredible parties and meals and sun filled days. Even a few storm filled ones. 42 years is a long time. And I will forever be grateful for every moment.

But change truly is the one constant in life and last year, we said goodbye to you with heavy hearts but so many incredibly memories.

Throughout the last 3 years my family has learned all about change. And loyalty. And the opposite of that as well. We have been through fire and shit storms and disappointment. We have seen the kindness and grace of true friends too. We learned so much – mainly bout each other and ourselves. The most important being that our memories stay with us always and are not contained to a certain place or time, and that at the end of the day -> we will always have each other. ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿผ

And now, as some really incredible opportunities present themselves and as a dream begins to manifest into reality, I can look back at it all and say thank you to the Andiamo, (additional thank you messages will come) because she played a big role in whatโ€™s to come.

Is it strange to thank a boat – a seemingly inanimate object? Maybe. But I read somewhere once, and then have always had this feeling/belief -> that the places we identify as home deep within our hearts are sentient. Because we fill them with our love and laughter, sadness and comfort. We fill them with our lives. So for me, Andiamo gets a big thank you. And a small part of her will be coming along with us on this journey forward.

Stay tuned. ๐Ÿค

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