The important thing for me today, is to do all that I can with love and kindness. That is the best way that I can think to honor the people that died, and the families who suffered those losses. Today I remember that on September 11th 21 years ago, I learned that heroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and political beliefs. I learned what it felt like to have real fear, and what it meant to stand united with my fellow Americans in the face of that fear.

So today, as I depart to work, I carry the profound loss, the immense learnings and all of that day in my heavy heart. I will do my utmost to lead with love today. To honor those who died, and those who still grieve those losses. It is still just so much to process that I cannot imagine what the families of victims go through.

But there were some things from that day that were pretty incredible – Like that immense sense of unity that I felt at that time. How connected we all were and how comforting that was.

I know there is much work to do in this country. And I do not make that statement lightly. However, my sincere hope is that today’s awful anniversary of these attacks can serve as a visceral reminder of how quickly life can change, how short it is and how important it is to help each other, and care for each other. A really profound memory of the footage from that day is seeing how many people were simply helping one another to get through each moment. To survive. Humanity led all of those incredible, selfless acts of bravery. I am choosing to carry that in my heart today as well as my small way of honoring all that this day has come to stand for. I send love to the families grieving still. And to everyone today, and always.

Photo taken by Collin Pierson at NewseumED. The newspapers in the background are the front page stories from around the world on 9/11. The object in the photo is the broadcast antennae from the top of the World Trade Center. It was chilling to stand here in this moment and remember. Just like it is today. But we must. So that we #neverforget

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