Very special thank you to W Hotels Worldwide for such an incredible experience at their one-of-a-kind scented supper, featuring the amazing culinary team from J.W. Marriot, Marco Island , FL paired beautifully with the tantalizing scents of Jo Malone London and some incredible wines as well. I shared more of this in my Tik Tok as well which you can find here.

The W Lakeshore was the site of our supper, and the 33rd-floor ballroom is a fantastic place for a one-of-a-kind celebration with incredible views of Chicago’s gorgeous lakefront and the city behind it, as the room itself is circular allowing for a 360-degree view! Such a great place for an engagement party or even a shower!

Each course began with a scent and a story. From lime basil to pomegranate noir to English pear and freesia these scents were simply scintillating! The course that followed was created by the team from the Marco Island JW property and was inspired by the scents. You can see the menu below to get an idea of the pairings. It was sensational.

What an extra special treat to leave with custom scent blends after enjoying such a beautiful experience. I learned from the Jo Malone team that their scents are intentionally created with what they refer to as “holes” allowing for layers of more than one scent which really makes the experience that much more custom! Thank you Lolita and team! We cannot wait to visit your gorgeous property in Marco Island!

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