Gosh I love a good holiday table, don’t you? Sharing a few faves from one of my more favorite tables today. I just loved this take on classic holiday. I like to call it fresh nostalgia because while it reminds me of everything I loved about Christmas growing up, it was current and clean as well. Nobody does it better than Erin McDonald Co and I loved creating some holiday magic together! ✨

For me, a gorgeous table is one of my biggest joys in life as a designer and planner. This year I have designed in beautiful museums and in Michelin starred restaurants (🤩), and have enjoyed all of the color, texture and imagination that comes to life each time!

For the holidays, my heart will forever be inspired by Italian Christmas of course. And this year having had the chance to spend some real time with loved ones in Florence, I am incredibly inspired by everything here! From the beautiful city lights to each and every little tree and corner of holiday decor that I see. I am so looking forward to bringing something beautiful to life in the new year for my clients and using all of this inspiration to really kick it up a notch!


Tip: everything on this table belongs to either my mom or to me, which adds so much because every little detail has a memory attached. Much of it was passed down from my grandmother, Ida. The more a holiday table can include meaningful pieces, the more magical the feeling when everyone sits down to celebrate (and eat!). ✨ My grandparents are always with me when I include a little piece of them into the design, and that always warms my heart. It is also so fun to shop in your own home! While I never discourage rentals or even buying something new to get the exact right feel for a table, I do always encourage a few items from holidays past or loved ones to add a little soul to the design. And this is also a great conversation starter because people will notice as they sit at the table sand it tends to spark some really fun conversations!

Bonus tip: Fresh greeeeeens are always a yes because they add such wonderful aroma to everything. From eucalyptus to evergreens to magnolia leaves, I am a greens fanatic so for me, the more the merrier! (Pun intended!!)

Happy holidays to you and yours. Xo ❤️💚

Photos: Collin Pierson // Floral: Erin McDonald Co // Design: Michelle Durpetti Events

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