This is what 44 looks like. Forty-freaking-four, y’all. Like what the EFF? When did that happen? I was just 26. And now boom here I am in the middle of the journey that is my 40s. 😳

And to be frank, I’m pretty good with it once I processed that number. Would I love to be 20 pounds thinner and not see grey hair only two weeks after coloring my hair? Oh, you betcha. But such is life, right? And such is age.

All of us have things about ourselves we don’t like or things we want to work on, hide even. I think my 40’s are teaching me that I will never be perfect, and as my good friend Akeshi says to me all the time, “done is better than perfect…” -> to me saying to get out there, take the photo, have the experience, live in the moment, and don’t worry so much about perfection. To be present and awake in my life, work hard, buy the beautiful things, and compete with my whole heart aboard my horses. To eat the food, see the places and celebrate the moments all with the people and animals who matter most.

This is absolutely what life is for me these days.

Since my birthday is so close to the New Year, resolutions have always been a double whammy for me and I kind of like it that way. This year, there is no word of the year, pledge to lose weight or take more time for me. I am not really interested in a vision board at the moment either.

Instead, my resolution is to take my own advice. To listen to myself. Trust myself. Celebrate myself. And when it all goes to shit, own myself, dust off and keep right on going. Because what I always have, what we all always have at the end of the day are ourselves. And I happen to love this boss bitch, Italian-loving, fashion-obsessed, slightly sarcastic, a little vulnerable but pretty damned tough chick that happens to be me. 👈🏼.

I’m also growing ok with knowing that not everybody is for me, and I am not for everybody either. Moving on from those who don’t bring joy and radiate positive energy is definitely a practice I am enjoying in this middle 40s.

Allora, Quaranta quattro anni. Qui, presente. Con il cuore aperto e ringraziando tutti voi per i messagi oggi. E il supporto sempre. 😘

Auguri di buon compleanno a me stessa, amici miei! E Buon Anno a tutti voi!

Happiest of birthday wishes to myself. Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages, know you truly make my day. Happy New Year to each of you, by the way. May it be full of all you need, dream for and work towards. I send you much love.

And cheers to a year of continuing to move forward, always trying to be my best self. ✨

Photo: Collin Pierson Photography

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