54 years married today. FIFTY-FOUR YEARS!

What I love most about my parent’s marriage has always been its synergy. Everything has a cadence and a flow to it. Even when they argue. Especially when they laugh. And especially now I see it in how my mom takes care of my dad.

I grew up in a house where my parents sang and danced often. They also occasionally screamed at each other too because we are ethnic and loud and we leave nothing off the table, even the painful stuff.

They frequently discussed challenges and met uncomfortable feelings head-on. And all of it was within the rhythm of life. Throughout all of it, they are each other’s biggest defenders and strongest allies. And mine. But if you know us, you know that already.

To know them is to know that I am their everything. To know me is to know exactly the same about them. They are the foundation of everything I am.

It has actually been remarkable to watch them in action. What is so normal to them is actually this incredibly special magic that so many people just don’t have with each other. Their marriage has stood the test of 54 years, one another’s families, unforeseen challenges, all my dad’s health issues -> and the ebb and flow of life and here. they. are.

I love looking at photos of them from years gone by and seeing how beautiful they were, how impeccably they dressed and knowing that in those moments some of their biggest life goals had yet to be achieved.

But what I have come to really appreciate this year is looking at where they right now in their marriage and in their love story. Their time together has strengthened their bond and deepened their trust in each other. They are peanut butter & jelly -> meaning they are really good on their own but super delicious together. 🤣

Today they are married 54 years. I really do just love them so much and am so grateful that my life was meant to be in theirs. Happy Anniversary guys.

Here’s to 154 more! 😘

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