Italians celebrate this day with the tradition of handing out yellow mimosa flowers to women, as a gesture of appreciation.

The yellow mimosa is a symbol and expression of female solidarity. The origin of the custom is lost, but it is said to have started in Rome after World War II. The Scent of mimosas fills the air and reminds everyone not only of the meaning of this day but also that spring is near!

I love being in Italy on this day and seeing women celebrated – from fathers giving mimosas to their daughters, to a young man who doesn’t know a young woman but stops to offer her flowers to celebrate the day, to one woman appreciating another. The perfume is divine, and the sentiments are lovely.

Happy Internationale Women’s Day to all the fabulous women in my life who deserve to be celebrated.

You embody everything about being a woman that I love; intelligence, tenacity, heart, bravery to make every effort count, and a staunch, voracious refusal to give up. Alle mie donne – Vi Voglio bene. Vi saluto, e vi auguro una bellissima giornata delle donne. To women everywhere – Happy International Women’s Day. Regardless of what may make us different, we all have this one beautiful thing in common that unites us; we are women – and we are roaring. ✨

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