As a destination wedding planner, I often marvel at the wonderful reality that my career has become. It’s a role that comes with its share of challenges, involving plenty of travel and intense preparation, but it’s a dream come true.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my work is the people I get to collaborate with. These incredible colleagues quickly turn into a family of their own. They enhance every project with their creativity, solutions, and, most importantly, laughter. Their presence makes the long days of bringing our clients’ dreams to life all the more enriching and enjoyable.

A special shoutout is necessary for our film partner Mirar Weddings in Amalfi. Their work is simply next level! Equally, I must thank Partenza Travel for their invaluable insights, ability to handle last-minute changes, and profound knowledge of travel that benefits both our team and our clients. Of course, none of this would be possible without my husband, Collin Pierson, whose photography captures not just our clients’ journeys but our own adventures in life and love.

Pro-Tip for Wedding Planning:

If you’re planning a destination wedding—or any event for that matter—understand the importance of investing in your vendor team. These talented professionals are the backbone of your celebration. They are the magicians who transform your vision into reality and work tirelessly to ensure your day is nothing short of magical. The return on this investment is invaluable, and I cannot stress this enough!

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my career and the dreams I once jotted down on a vision board. These aspirations, the destinations I longed to visit and work in, are now my reality. This realization hit me deeply last night, filling me with profound gratitude. Because of our trusting clients, my team and I at MDE are living our dream, alongside a family that only grows.

And to Italy, my beloved – what a journey we’ve embarked on together over these 45 years. Thank you for your beauty, the lessons you’ve taught me, and the opportunity to honor my heritage by speaking your beautiful language and creating events and weddings on your stunning soil.

Stay tuned for a photo dump from our latest escapades in Amalfi—more to come!

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