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Everyone’s journey to health & wellness, whether it be physical, spiritual or mental health, looks incredibly different. On my journey, I’ve learned to live my life out loud, with victories, lessons, laughter, travel, adventure, balance, and a little bit of fun. To work harder than I have worked before, but to work smarter than I have before. And most importantly, not lose sight of the things that provide me mental clarity and make my body and soul feel whole.

I live with PCOS and auto immune issues, and am finally starting to figure out how to balance that in, and tend to it while still keeping the pace that I do. I also happen to an avid burner of sage, and a big believer in meditation and finding ones center so grab your inner zen and prepare for some insight in to the supplements that I include in my daily regimen and the experts that I rely on to make me feel good, confident, healthy and ready for all the abundance that life can bring

How I always find myself in Tuscany

How I always find myself in Tuscany

Photo: Collin Pierson It is always with a heavy heart that I leave Florence, Lucca and all of my loved ones. Many years ago, I found myself here. I learned about the woman I wanted to become. I learned about independence, and communication. I learned how to take...

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