Nobody did hospitality quite like my grandfather Gene whose legacy lives on at Gene & Georgetti almost eight decades later in the same historic location since 1941. In fact, my entire family on both sides has roots in that River North neighborhood from when they immigrated to the states from Italy. We have been parishioners at the Assumption Catholic Church for decades, and my great aunts even made the lace you see used on the alters. My Grandfather Gene Michelotti has the corner of Franklin & Illinois named in his honor, and on the Durpetti side of my family, my grandmother Mary has her name on the corner of Superior & Wells because she was known in the area for giving a hand to newly arrived immigrants, always feeding the homeless and welcoming everyone to her table for dinner. She was actually a cook with the Chicago Public School system in addition to being passionate about the Italian kitchen at home.

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I have Gene's bolognese recipe, and Mary's banana cake recipe, memories from my childhood filled with aromas, laughter, cooking and celebration with family.

These people have inspired me endlessly in all things that I do, so this is a spot within my little corner of the world where I am going to share all that inspires me for the kitchen, the table, and la vita Bella!

I come from three really strong generations of passionate hospitality experts who made celebrations a joy to create, work, and attend!

We have now been in this neighborhood and this restaurant for almost 80 years.

My parents and I have worked incredibly hard to take this little family-owned restaurant and evolve it into the hospitality group it so deserves to be.

Turnkey Hospitality now includes Gene & Georgetti Chicago and a second location in Rosemont as well as our private event venue The Estate by Gene & Georgetti. Watch closely in the coming months as we begin launching some new concepts, and continuing to evolve our own special brand of family born and bred hospitality. It is truly a privilege and a pleasure to carry on a multi-generation tradition of creating memorable experiences.

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