Hi, I’m Michelle Durpetti

It is so nice to meet you, and welcome to my little corner of the world (this was an expression my grandmother Ida always used and I loved it). This is a place where I can share with you all of what inspires me, motivates me, and dazzles me! From my travels to my wedding planning, and from my family business to my favorite wine and everything in between. Beauty, Fashion, a little cooking, some style, tips and tricks, all things equestrian  (of course) and some other cool stuff that I can’t wait to share with you. Thanks for stopping by! xo

Daughter. Mentor. Wife. Friend. Equestrian. Wedding Planner. Restaurateur. Published Editor. Knight. Non-Profit Director. Philanthropist. Italian Obsessed. Cupcake Motivated. Wine Lover. Industry Expert. Trusted Opinion. Student of Life, Citizen of the World.

In this space, I will be sharing the many layers of my world and how I navigate each of them through entrepreneurship, travel, and personal endeavors and find self-fulfillment and self-identity in the process. Most of the time. There are the occasional days where a cupcake and a glass of wine are the way to go too, and believe me, we’ll be talking all about those days too. This is place for authenticity, honesty. laughter, goals, dreams, and some safe space venting. Allora, Benvenuto amici miei!  The door is always open! ♥️ 


I’m also available as an editorial contributor for equestrian and lifestyle magazines. If you’re interested in receiving unique content from or working with me to produce something exceptional please contact me here.

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