Fashion and Beauty

For me, Fashion is a way to express myself creatively and visually but it is so much more than that! It is part of history while it can also be the stuff dreams are made of. My personal fashion is often an expression of me and my life - by design. From equestrian wear to walking runways in my wedding dress, I love it all. Special, hand crafted, couture, bespoke, one of a kind - all words that get my juices flowing and my soul singing. Not because it is expensive or a certain brand but because it is a beautiful creation. From shoes to handbags, to riding boots to high fashion and bridal couture, fashion inspires me the same way that art does. In fact, fashion has even inspired the concept of events I’ve designed. Each year I attend New York Bridal Fashion Week alongside my talented photographer husband and watch with delight as designers from across the globe premiere new collections is both exciting and inspiring. I love that fashion has the ability to inspire, spark creativity, and make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Here is where I am going to share all the places, people, and brands that I love to wear and celebrate

NYBFW: Naeem Khan

NYBFW: Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan has yet to disappoint me with a collection. This man is a true artist, and his gowns are wearable art. Just look at these images! From glittering gold to fearlessly beaded, the details, the lines and the textures are unreal. And always paired with the...

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