I am recently married, proudly Italian, and adopted. I am a business woman, an equestrian, a tastemaker and a mentor among many other things.

I love to honor the legacy of my family and be the best version of myself in all things, but especially in hospitality. I love nothing more than being known for throwing great parties - because what client doesn't want their planner to be the kind of person they want to go to party with, right?

I have jumped out of planes, ridden in hot air balloons and have eight yes, EIGHT!) tattoos. I have lived in another country, driven in a stock car race, and I proudly own my very own motorhome. I am also food obsessed and driven by all things sparkly (like a big magpie essentially).

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This website is the 360 degree story of my life and what I have learned thus far (and continue to learn every day). I hope to share with you within these blogs what I accomplish, what I fail at, what matters to me and how in the end we are not all as far apart as we may seem. The human factor is truly a beautiful thing, and having humanity for the world around me is my mission.

My ethos, the very spirit of who I am manifests itself in my beliefs and aspirations and this is where I am going to share all of what develops that, drives that and shapes that.

My life, designed by me. Shaped by many factors. and lived honestly and with intention. My hope is to continue to live my life walking to the beat of my own drum while never judging anybody else's beat. So I welcome to this space all those souls who share these beliefs and revel in this kind of magic, created by love, kindness, education, tolerance, some sage burning, and a belief that faith - regardless of religion can carry us all through the storms that we will inevitably weather.

I look forward to sharing all of the facets of my life here; from my adventures in Wedding Planning (10 years strong owning my own business!), to my Managing Partner journey in my family’s hospitality business that is approaching 80 years in business. Throw in a dash of travel, a whole lot of amateur equestrian competitive goals and a smidge of Italian obsession and you have just scratched the surface. I am obsessed with the pursuit of excellence in life. I love to create events, weddings, restaurants and moments that make people FEEL things.

Collin and I in Barcelona

Collin and I in Barcelona

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Few things are more romantic than an engagement session in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Today, we’re sharing a piece by Inside Weddings featuring Michelle and Collin’s engagement session.  Check it out, fall...
National Adoption Awareness Month 2017

National Adoption Awareness Month 2017

Each year, November is recognized as “National Adoption Awareness Month” and it is something that is really close to my heart, as I am adopted. For those of you wondering, I was adopted at birth and my parents chose to talk about my being adopted from as...

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