Ended day two of NYBFW with the incomparable @inesdisanto and a spectacular event at the breath taking @baccarat store on Madison Ave. It has been sensory overload the last two days, and there is no more delightful way to overload the senses than to be inundated with breathtakingly beautiful bridal fashion and incredible creativity. I always enjoy my time here, because I really enjoy the people. From seeing long time to friends to cultivating new friendships, every day brings something worthwhile and fun. And it is always fascinating to watch this many shows comes to life one after the other day after day. The teams that produce these events are unreal and deserve major props. All of it is so incredible, inspiring and the best part is I get to bring all of that experience back to my 2019 brides! @inesdisanto complimenti per una collezione bellissima, straordinaria e speciale!! 💕

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