Our time in Cabo comes to an end today, and I am returning home with some serious motivation after connecting with a few people at @engagesummits who really resonated for me. Hearing a like minded, passionate person say “customer service is not about going the extra mile, it is about going the extra inch…” made my face go 😍. Listening to @cindy_novotny say she loves to work, and never tires of it was the first time I heard someone else say something I always felt for myself. And the cool thing was I thought I would come here and learn more for my wedding industry related business. And of course, I did. But I also took so much away for the venue, the steakhouses and the new concepts coming down the pipeline. Another favorite? “Always hire for attitude…” – YES. While At times things can feel a little out of my comfort zone (yes, I do actually have one of those), it was also a really great thing to get pushed out of that and see what it could lead to, if I opened myself up to it. I firmly believe in remaining a perpetual student and learning from those who inspire me. I can’t recommend it enough, whatever your industry may be. I am going home with a few new objectives on a few of my agendas, and I’m pumped about it. Also, the experiences created during these conferences are insanely beautiful, layered, and detailed and I learned so much just by being in those environments. Thank you @kathrynarce and @weddex for creating such a place of learning, growth, and inspiration!! It was a very interesting and cool experience that I am grateful to have had, and shared with the hubs, who makes a pretty good lookin’ date doesn’t he? 😍

Photo: Carla Ten Eyck  // Dress: Francesca Miranda // Floral: Isabelina Perches 

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