I have to say, I am really a kid at heart. Anyone who knows me knows that I still love cartoons, children’s books and the magic that Disney brought to my childhood is something I love to revisit. From my favorite movies of Bedknobs and Broomsticks to Mary Poppins – both watched thousands of time with my dad on afternoons, Disney brought some fun to my life and continues to do so. When I figured out that my horse’s winter home in Ocala, Florida was only an hour from Disney, I had to go. So my husband, Collin, my best friend, Chris, and I spent three days there and had the BEST time ever. Literally.

First let me just say that it is immaculate. From an operations standpoint, I stood in wonder at the fact that there was no garbage, never any litter and certainly no dumpsters or refuse within any visual of the customers.

After I got over that, (remember I have spent my life in hospitality so that really got me for a good long while, LOL), I was immediately taken with the brilliance that is the Disney Fast Pass. You sign up, and can pre-reserve up to three rides in advance at one time to avoid lines. THIS is a major godsend. It may have cost a little extra but man was it worth it.

We spent three days going between the original park, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot which is hands down my favorite. Take my love of travel, add in my love of Disney and bring it all together for one magical day of drinking, eating and adventuring around the world and I am one happy camper. The food in Epcot is my favorite. I loved the tequila bar in Mexico, and the little wine bar in Italy (I sense a theme here, LOL). Our dinner in Germany was outstanding and involved singing in German. I could have easily stayed for another week, or the rest of time. Do not let Disney fool you – while children may find it magical you can absolutely have a great time as an adult as well.

I cannot say it enough – GO TO DISNEY! ♥️

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