Monday. Café. Zeppola. Non c’e meglio per me. 🤩

 The day after St. Patrick’s day is one if my favorites. Because it leads to St. Joseph’s day and a chance for Italian Americans to celebrate their heritage, spanning all the way back to the 1800’s and the Sicilian immigrants that settled in New Orleans. (It’s fun to learn something new, isn’t it?!) ✨

It is also celebrated as father’s day in Italy and a few other countries. ✨

As a child, my grammar school had a large population of Irish-American students. So, everyone was encouraged to dress up in their best green accessories for the holiday. And guess what? Nobody was celebrating St. Joseph’s day. So, I said something, to the principal. And from that conversation forward we had green AND red day at school. 🇮🇹

Representing my heritage, and honoring it is incredibly important to me. That is why both of our @gene_georgetti restaurants celebrate St. Joseph’s day with a special treat! The traditional Italian zeppole will be available at BOTH locations as a dessert special. And proceeds from the sale will go to support Our Lady of Pompeii Shrine in Chicago. Support, honor, celebrate, and of course – tutti a mangiare le zeppole!!! 😍😍😍 photo: Collin Pierson

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