Photo Credit : Aullmyn Photography

The Kentucky Derby is such an exciting time – but it is important to remember that this event is not about gorgeous hats, mint juleps and fabulous parties.

This day is about an elite athlete with feelings and a soul. And a physical threshold. The day should be about honoring the horse – arguably one of earth’s most magnificent creatures.

Sadly, there is a very ugly underbelly to the industries that depend on these glorious animals.

Some of us know this all too well.

But – Those of us who strive to be responsible horse owners, who make choices for them with their quality of life as our only priority need to lead by example and not be afraid to shine a light on those people who do not adhere to ethical and loving treatment of our equine loved ones.

It is only with light that we can stamp out darkness.

This is what you do for your loved ones. You love them, protect them as best you can, stand up for them, and with them to live a life of fulfillment, with a little bit of work, a lot of joy and all kinds of love. For me, that is what it’s all about. I will always speak out and speak up for the ones I love because they are my family. Human, canine, equine and everything in between. ❤️

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