As you already know, I am a huge advocate of self care. So I make sure to keep things nearby that make me feel good, and have great benefits! Today I am going to share a few of the tricks and tips that I keep close to me at all times!

I always have a sheet mask with me these days. I usually pop one on after I shower and my pores are open. I will sit on the couch and watch tv and it is so relaxing. The great thing about sheet masks is that they are readily available and you don’t need to spend a fortune to find one that works. I usually look for a moisturizing option or one the revitalizes. I recently found the No 7 brand at Walgreen’s and enjoyed it! The Oxygen masks are some of my favorite because I love feeling the bubbles!  Pevonia makes an eye gel that I cannot live without. I discovered this a few years back and it is something that I always have readily available. My eyes tend to be a place where I carry my tired, so making sure that I have something to help with puffy under eye is important to me. It feels so great that I often wear this to bed and even after I wash my face in the morning! This product is also cruelty free which makes me very happy 😊

I am pretty obsessed with dry shampoo. I love to wear my hair long, and with that comes added time for things like styling so to save time I always have a good dry shampoo on hand. When I travel, I think this is especially key because there are some days where I really don’t want to wash and style my hair. I especially love a good dry shampoo for my riding helmet, because that thing can get nasty sweaty and the nice thing is that the dry shampoo keeps both my hair and the helmet smelling great! Amika makes one (and dry conditioner!) that I absolutely love! Perk Up Dry Shampoo is a secret weapon to maintaining my hairstyle. Enriched with natural rice starch, which immediately works to absorb excess oils, Perk Up Dry Shampoo is one of the only dry shampoos on the market formulated without aluminum starch or telltale, chalky talc. Whether you’re in need of a quick no-wash cleanse or an extra boost of volume, a swift mist of this Sea Buckthorn Berry-infused formula leaves hair soft and refreshed, while a spray to the roots adds volume. This product is color-free and contains no harmful ingredients—so it doesn’t leave a dreaded dusty residue, but naturally revitalized hair

Another thing that is so important to me is a clean, non toxic sunblock, especially for my face (I wear this every day because I tend to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, and the “no B.S.’ line is one that works great with my skin and contains no harsh additives or chemicals and that is always important to me. Use daily to protect against harmful UV rays, environmental stressors, and hidden dangers like blue light from your screen (hello I never thought of that before!). Packed with natural moisturizers like Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid, this daily moisturizer not only protects, it also restores hydration to depleted skin without the grease ball effect.

A great tip from “No B.S.” – After thoroughly lubing up your face and neck, apply any excess sunscreen left on your palms to the backs of your hands—a delicate area especially prone to sun damage. GREAT IDEA!

My husband was recently in Dubai and brought home an amber perfume for me from the market that is such a great scent for evening. It wears really well and balances with my PH beautifully, plus whenever I wear it I think of him! Perfume is something that I obsess over and am going to talk more about that in another blog soon!

Another secret?The teeny, tiny  little bottle of “Po Sum On” medicated oil that packs maximum relief. This is a GREAT fix for tired feet or sore muscles. I use this in my daily routine, after weddings, after riding – and especially appreciate it on the road when I am not always able to rest comfortably. Po Sum On Medicated Oil works to ease minor aches such as back pain, muscle pain, and pain stemming from arthritis.The Medicated Oil provides direct relief to the affected area of the body without harsh side effects.

In addition to the oil, I also keep a small sleep spray next to my bed for my pillow. I love the scent of lavender, and on the road or at home this scent is always a nice treat to encounter when I slink into bed. This award-winning natural, aromatherapeutic Superblend of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile calm both mind and body, soothing you to sleep.

I love a good headband, and for me there is nothing quite like Gucci. So it is a no brainer that I pack my Gucci headband to keep my hair out of my face but still feeling stylish! I love the turban feel of this one too, win win! I also recently became obsessed with a line of dental products from Moon, and this all natural brush on whitener is such a great fix for on the road when I need a little extra kick for a great smile. Their proprietary Elixir III blend of antioxidants and essential oils is the perfect combination for a powerful whitening experience. YES! And, it is 100% Vegan and not tested on animals. WIN!

Byredo makes some of the most beautiful fragrances, and I love decadent fragrance. It makes me feel feminine and sexy. What I love about this one is that this is for your hair. We all know what can happen when we travel for long hours, and this little bottle is a great addition to my bag because it is the perfect pick me up, easy to pack and lasts for hours. This particular scent is called “gypsy water” and I am obsessed with it because I have always felt like a bit of a roaming gypsy deep within my soul. And perfume should actually make you feel things in your soul! Gypsy Water is, “an ode to the beauty of Romani culture, its unique customs, intimate beliefs and distinguished way of living. The scent wakens a dream of a colorful lifestyle made of innate nomadism. Woody notes of pine needle and sandalwood associated to intense amber and fresh citrus evoke the fever of gypsy nights spent in the forest…” Yes I am HERE for that!

I am really lucky because I happen to LOVE my skin care expert and facial goddess, Leah Chavie, who suggests that I keep this DNA skin institute hydra mist with me at all times and I can’t argue that. It is light, very nourishing and I even use it to set my makeup every morning. The essential oil of Neroli (extracted from the flowers of the orange tree) was selected for this formula, because it works at a cellular level to help the skin release keratinized (dead) cells and promote cell renewal. The essential oil of Rose helps stabilize the pH of the skin, aids in moisture retention and supports healthy cell growth.

As I have mentioned more than once, I live with PCOS so these little creature comforts that I am sharing with you help me feel my best which also helps me to be my best. One tried and true thing that I LOVE? Golden Milk. Turmeric can be a powerful plant when it comes to PCOS. Turmeric is a root that comes from the ginger family and contains certain chemicals that can aide in reducing PCOS symptoms in a big way. Turmeric also offers an abundance of antioxidants which reduce free radicals while naturally increasing your bodies own antioxidant enzymes. Turmeric is working double duty to keep us feeling and looking fabulous! When I am home, I whisk coconut milk, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, honey, coconut oil, peppercorns, and 1 cup water in a small saucepan; bring to a low boil. Reduce heat and simmer until flavors have melded, about 10 minutes and I enjoy it immensely! For a recipe, click here. I also keep a ready made “super” version in my house (and travel with it too!) This version by Gaia Herbs is a traditional Ayurvedic tonic. They credit it as a “rejuvenating wellness ritual to add to your day…everyday! The convenient glass jar makes it easy to use at home or on-the-go, wherever your day takes you…” I agree! Basically, it is a delicious and comforting caffeine free drink mix that brings the benefits of Turmeric to a convenient beverage blend to nourish your body and your spirit. I really enjoy it throughout the day and often drink it while blogging, like I am doing right now! Cheers! xo

Photos: Collin Pierson Photography  

Skirt: Akira

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

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