Hello dear Friends – I was hoping to share a one little nugget of insight from this rooftop, in Florence as I sit next to my husband and am surrounded by cool people that I really enjoy, including one of my best friends in the entire world. Ready? Here goes:

Do the things. All of them. Eat the food. Go to the places. Take the risks. Dream the dreams. Chase the goals. Feel no shame when you fail and feel all the joy when you fucking nail it. Work hard. Have respect and check your ego, permanently (not just at the door). DREAM BIG. And understand a big dream takes a bigger load of effort and work to bring to life. Laugh often. And cry whenever possible because you need to let that shit out. Go wholeheartedly in the direction of the pursuits that ignite your soul.

Depend on the people who demonstrate to you that they love you. Think not for one moment that a “blood” relation actually matters, because soul relations matter so much more.

Get up every day, and make your damned bed because you’re a grown up and that is how we do things. Support others. Support yourself. Feel proud without feeling cocky.

And know that once upon a time 20 years ago when I began my career, I dreamt of producing a wedding in Italy. This week, I get to bring that to life for a really incredible bride and her fiancé. And. Get to live it myself.

So – live your life. Dream the dreams. Stretch towards greatness. And decency. And respect. Fill yourself with love, always and spread that shit around every minute of every day. ❤️

This post comes to be as I sit in the city that shaped my life. I sit on a cement bench, the same way (and bench) that I did at 21 and I cry, because I am so grateful.

And that, is my 3:00 am blabber after a 22 hour day traveling to Italy, to see my husband who worked here in Italy last weekend (with a kick ass team!!) and to work on a wedding for a client of my own here. Dreams? Goals? Alllllllllll the things? Yeah, they happen. It won’t be easy, feel pretty or even be something you enjoy in the moment. Stretch anyway. Love it anyway. Sweat through it. Grow through it. Reach through. Learn. Evolve. Grow. CELEBRATE IT. And dream bigger next time.

Because mannnnnn is it just so worth it. ❤️

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