Today is #worldmentalhealthday, and it was right on time because I took one of these today with the help of these three guys and two good friends.

I am very lucky that I do not live with mental health issues, but that does not mean that I don’t occasionally have a day where things just don’t feel right. We are all here just trying to get through I think. And we don’t ever really know what the person next to us is living through. I needed a few hours away from fires and restaurants and deadlines and insurance. So I took them. And I owe not one explanation or apology for that.

Protecting our health physically and mentally is our responsibility. Be it a few hours to recharge or seeing a doctor about medication. Each of us need to be at our very best so that we can contribute our very best to each other and the big, beautiful world that we live in.

So today, I wish you all awareness of your mental health. And I wish everyone kindness and love too because there just isn’t enough these days. ❤️

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