Holiday table designing is something I love to do! Setting a beautiful table for my loved ones is always such a privilege. To make it really feel personal I try to incorporate little bits and pieces of our family in to the design. The dining room in my parent’s home has this very warm, inviting and fancy feel to it that I love so I always start there; warm, fun and just enough of fancy.

The linen on the table belonged to my grandmother, Ida. She was a linen fanatic and collected them every time she was in Florence. She had a favorite place , that did everything by hand. I love having her beautiful linens on the table because I feel like she is there. The china and gold flatware (which I have loved my entire life!) were a wedding gift to my parents 51 years ago. Fun fact: that exact china is used at our wedding venue, so we were able to have it at our wedding! I love the simple elegance of the gold rim. The crystal glasses were also a wedding gift, and all of that reminds me of beautiful tables my mom would set when I was a little girl, and that nostalgia really warms my heart.

The little salt and pepper shakers are all from my mom’s collection. She has holidays shakers galore for every holiday, and it always makes me smile! And they are great to give as gifts, actually!

The monogrammed napkins are a combination of ones from my wedding, and my parent’s 50th anniversary last year in Florence, Italy. I love custom napkins for weddings because they can become part of a holiday tradition within your family! And every time they are used they tell a wonderful story. The last thing I want to talk about are the saffron beeswax taper candles that I found at Whole Foods! They had no scent, and burned beautifully throughout the meal. I was so excited to find them!

Each pair of these beautiful Beeswax Taper Candles has been dipped at least 20 times into vats of naturally filtered pure beeswax by a skilled crafter’s steady hand. This time-honored process creates long, even-burning, dripless candles.

Last, we ordered the sweetest cake from my favorite childhood bakery, Reuter’s which just added that little bit more of whimsy.

For a bit of sophistication, I turned to my friends at Revel Decor. And because Thanksgiving was so late in the year, I felt like a little blend of holiday was needed so we used greens, gorgeous gold painted leaves, jewel toned reds and a pop of pheasant feathers to bring together this really cool, very timeless chic feeling. I love nothing more than a gorgeous table. And I was so happy with how this one came to life!

Thank you Collin Pierson for the photos!

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